How long do results last?  Because threading pulls the hairs out from the roots, this hair-removal method gives results lasting for 2 to 6 weeks, similar to tweezing or waxing and longer than shaving...but threading can work on tiny hairs - giving it an edge over waxing or tweezing.  This method will remove any hair long enough to be entrapped by the thread.

What body parts are best for threading?  In practice, it's mainly used for facial hair - the eyebrows, upper lip and chin but at Artistic Brows, you can also get your forearms done if you have an appointment.

Why Threading vs. Waxing?  Unlike waxing, threading does not require any foreign substances, making it a popular choice for people who would rather not have those materials on their skin.  So people whose skin is too sensitive for waxing may find that threading can work better for them.

Threading vs. Waxing 

Threading: An Ancient Hair Removal Technique that entwines stray hairs in a long strand of thread and pulls them out - is gaining popularity in the United States.  See why Threading is the choice to make:

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