Artistic Brows
by Nazy




Principal Artist


Nazy has been threading for over 30 years and absolutely LOVES what she does!  She is dedicated to giving her clients the best look they can achieve for the type of brow they have.  She has people driving from all over the Carolinas and beyond to see her because once they see what she can do, they don't want to go anywhere else. 

Our belief

 We recognize the importance of importance of full, balanced, groomed brows that enhance your facial features.  We evaluate your bone structure, facial proportions, even your hair style and color.  We take the time to discuss design options and ways to create the perfect brows for you!  If you have been the victim of over tweezing or a brow butcher, we will use our expertise gained over 30 years of threading experience to sculpt the perfect brows in a relaxed and comforting environment.  Whether your brows are too thick, too thin, your afraid to touch them or you simply don't know where to start; Our artistic method of balancing your brows will leave you feeling that you've never looked better.  At Artistic Brows, sanitation is our first and foremost concern.  That is why you will not find Nazy holding the thread in her mouth while she works her magic.  She has developed a technique that allows her to thread without implementing the use of her mouth.  Many clients are surprised, pleased and put at ease when they see her method of threading.  Lastly, our friendly relaxed atmosphere will lighten your spirit as you unwind in your own personal sanctuary knowing you are in the hands of an artist 

Eyebrow Threading