Artistic Brows by Nazy

Offering our clients Elegance, Beauty and Complete Satisfaction, using the Ancient Art of Threading.

Artistic Brows Invites You in to Experience Eyebrow Threading Perfection!

At Artistic Brows, we believe the Eyebrows are
the Accent on the Beauty of your Eyes.

We recognize the importance of full, balanced, groomed brows that enhance your facial features.  We evaluate your bone structure, facial proportions, even your hair style and color.  We take the time to discuss design options and ways to create the perfect brows.   

If you have been the victim of over tweezing or a brow butcher, we will use our expertise gained over 20 years of threading experience to sculpt the perfect brows in a  relaxed and comforting environment.  

Whether your brows are too thick, too thin, your afraid to touch them or you simply don’t know where to start;  Our artistic method of balancing your brows will leave you feeling that you’ve never looked better.  

At Artistic Brows, sanitation is our first and foremost concern.  That's why you will not find Nazy holding the thread in her mouth while she works her magic.  She has develolped a technique that allows her to thread without implementing the use of her mouth.  Many clients are surprised, pleased and put at ease when they see her method of threading. 

        Lastly, our friendly relaxed atmosphere will lighten your spirit as you unwind in your own personal sanctuary knowing you are in the hands of an artist.

Here's what people are saying about us!

Yelp Reviews

    Davina B. - 5 stars

    Marietta, GA

    I found this little jewel from a yelp review a few months ago. I did a walk in my first time. Nazy is extremely warming when you enter, and helps you relax for your threading session.

    Nazy is beyond skilled on making your eyebrows fit your face and perfect. She takes her time making sure each brow gets VIP treatment.


    My eyebrows are perfect and you get a free session after 12.

    Michael D. - 5 Stars

    Charlotte, NC

           Nazy is still the best in Charlotte. She does an amazing job, here salon is always super clean, and you cannot beat the sinatra in the background.       

     I'm a dude and I go here yuuuup. I'm from nj where there are 9 million places to go. This is the second best place I haver been. Nazy is awesome and did a perfect job. I still have manbrows and I have a place close to my new house
    April W. - 5 Stars

    Charlotte, NC

        Okay, Ladies (and hairy Gentlemen), please please please DO NOT trust your threading to anyone other than Nazy! She is the UTMOST of gracious and professional! Her salon is always clean and neat, with a tranquil stillness. On your first visit, you will get a mini-consultation and she actually will help determine what brow shape is best for your face. When I went to her, I was recovering from a brow debacle and she's been pruning my brows back into shape!!

    Ever since I've been going to her, people LITERALLY stop me and compliment how nice my brows look. I mean, I was plucking them myself for years and got compliments here and there, but nothing like this! I've had to keep a stock pile of her cards because everyone wants her number!

    Her prices are reasonable and you get a "frequent threader" card and your 12th session is FREE!!! WOOT!! Beautifully groomed brows can really frame your face and enhance your natural beauty, so please allow Nazy to work her magic for you!!

     Andrea C - 5 Stars

    Southport, NC

      I went to Nazy today for my very first appointment, I have never had threading done before and let me tell you, it was a great experience! She has been doing brows for about 30 years, and it definitely shows! Within minutes I was in and out the door and couldn't have been happier with the way my brows turned out! I will definitely be returning. This place is over 20 miles from my house, but is worth the drive! I now much prefer threading over the waxing that I had done previously.

    Google Reviews

    A Google reviewer 5 months ago - 5 Stars
    Incredibly artistic. She is very professional and her shop is very comfortable. Will visit every time I am in town.

    A Google User
    reviewed a year ago - 5 stars
    Very professional and thorough. Best job I have had on my eyebrows. Definitely coming back.

    A Google User
    reviewed a 2 years ago - 5 stars
    So professional. I got a thorough consultation. She asked questions, made suggestions, and explained how she was going to approach my brow threading BEFORE she removed a single hair. She stopped intermittently to show me my bows and to make sure I was getting what I wanted. I've been to a few threaders in Charlotte, and had good (been a loyal customer to one for many years) and bad experiences. This experience was great.


    8720 Arbor Creek Dr.
    Charlotte NC 28269
    Walk-ins Welcome or call for an appointment  (704)-464-3529
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